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Peter KaneRelationship Transformations supports all aspects of life and relationships through counseling, education, healing and publishing. Peter assists people in having greater intimacy within themselves and with others. He uses many approaches and tools to assist clients in fulfilling their heart's desire, including: individual, couples and family counseling; coaching; breathwork; voice dialogue; seminars, trainings and workshops.

Peter employs multiple lens and models including:

Family patterns and family systems theories

Pre- and Perinatal Psychology: understanding and resolving the effects of their own birth on their life and relationships helps clients go deeper than just working with childhood issues.

A Psychology-of-Selves: working with sub-personalities or selves offers a way to resolve individual and relationship conflicts.

Creating Healthy Communication: communicate constructively and let go of defensive communication patterns that escalate conflicts.

A purpose of life is healing: By resolving relationship issues individuals are not just creating increased health and prosperity, they are creating a truly meaningful life that embraces soul lessons while manifesting abundance.

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The Book from Peter Kane:
THE MONOGAMY CHALLENGE: Creating and Keeping Intimacy

The Monogamy Challenge by Peter KaneThe Monogmamy Challenge goes beyond helping partners resolve attractions to others; it also helps to create and sustain vital and passionate monogamous relationships.

A fascinating look at monogamy and the dynamics of erotic energy. – Judith Orloff, MD

Also available as an E book for Adobe Digital Editions


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